About Michelle Blades

Fascinated by constructing play spaces for her dolls and toys from a very young age, Michelle now seeks to create diminutive imagined realms with which a viewer will interact. More specifically, she uses the figure in these spaces as a foundation for her exploration of that sense of wonder. By making her works figurative, and thus relatable, she grants herself the freedom to wander about the hauntingly playful ends of her imagination and tell stories that might otherwise seem too fantastical to convey. She works mostly in 3D form, but has created a few digital shorts and more recently began working in stop motion animation.




After graduating from University if Cincinnati with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art, Michelle worked for several years in the corporate world, collating documents and collecting stories. Since enjoying a lay-off due to an economic downturn, she’ s been pursuing art-making and freelance digital marketing on a more regular basis. Currently, Michelle resides in Cincinnati with her husband, Brent Naughton and their two dogs, Baboon and Gorilla.