March is a Changing Month

It’s very much March in the Midwest. Our almost 60F degrees and sunny weather yesterday is giving way to a blustery 34F with snow showers today. Still, the persistence of grey is loosing its tight grip now. We can see daffodils already peeking out above ground and pussy willows have donned their furry hats. Soon, there will be pastel blooms in every direction.

I love this time of year. The whole of my world wakes up and shakes the dust of winter off in a remarkable display of verdant new growth. March is a changing month. It’s a liminal space between lion and lamb, somber and effervescent, stasis and frenzy. Both here and there – it’s the place where that which died off last winter shows us how it’s going to reinvent itself this year. You can almost hear branches stretching their woodsy sinews in between bird chirps.

This renewed beginning time provides fertile soil for my own artistic inspiration. Right now, my newest mediums are content management systems. I’m building this blog as well as my digital marketing website along with a handful of others. This is enlightening territory to say the least. I tend to get swept up in swirling nascent energy, and this year is no exception. Delving into the ins and outs of website architecture is helping me to stretch my wings as well.

Stay tuned to this space to see how things play out in the studio while I watch the light grow longer and the flora grow thicker with ease now. Spring is most definitely marching in. 🌱


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